Human Resources

At eye level: systemic business consulting

Together, we will steer your business through economically agile waters. Kressin.Consulting brings the systemic and business expertise to help you …

  • successfully position your organization on international markets.
  • initiate and execute fundamental change in your company’s culture, communication, personnel and work structures.
  • effectively develop leaders and executive staff.
  • execute business mergers.
  • reposition your business strategically on the market.
  • deal with the sensitive issues of corporate succession.
  • get a neutral perspective on personnel and team issues.
  • set your business back on track after a crisis and maintain sustained competitiveness.
  • settle into your new role after a career move.

“Make sure that each of your actions expands your range of possibilities."

Heinz von Foerster

Intelligence: it’s in your business.

Agile management is one of today’s hot industry topics. The ability to quickly adapt to market change and turn challenges into business success gives organizations an essential advantage. Yet agile organizations demand a high level of courage, strength, and perseverance from their leadership and staff. With an unorthodox perspective, a systemic consulting approach, and a wealth of experience, Kressin.Consulting provides the right change stimuli at the right time. The focus of our business and personnel consulting approach is not on bringing new expertise to your organization. Rather, we aim to activate resources that may lie dormant, both in your business structure and your staff. These resources are the fertile ground on which a learning, agile organization can grow and thrive.